Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who Would Have Thought!?!

Who would have thought that I really enjoy working on crazy quilt blocks. I had no idea that I could actually get into this whole beading and hand embroidery thing.
The two blocks to the left belong to two ladies from the yahoo group FabricLoversSwap. A group of us are participating in a round robin with crazy quilt blocks. My addition on the left block is the white heart with beads and the pink stitched seam treatment. My addition on the left block is the heart within a heart and the seam treatment with the red beads.

A Rainbow of Color (Juli L.) - Yellow

This month's 12x12x12 color is yellow. I experimented with some different types of yarn and couched them onto the top of my quilt.

I've found that I really enjoy making this small quilts. They are a great way to use up scraps, and should hopefully shape up into a really neat project at the end of the year when this particular challenge is over.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fabric Painting

Today Zoe, Tessa (Zoe's friend), Tyler and I painted some fabric. Tyler's is still outside drying, but here are pictures of the ones that the rest of us did. We used the Setacolor transparents and then used the sun printing technique. Zoe and Tessa's sun printing items were some of the littlest pet shop animals. From right to left: Tessa's, Zoe's and my paintings.

Fabric Dying Fun!

The kids and I dyed some fabric about a week ago or so. We had a fantastic time! But boy oh boy were Tyler's (Age 3) hands blue! Zoe (Age 11) ane Tyler painted thier dye on with paint brushes. I did also...the leftover dye was used to immersion dye a couple of fabrics that had been previously dyed. Zoe's piece is the very top of the row of three, followed by two pieces that I painted. The immersion dyed fabrics are in the center picture. Tyler's dye painted fabrics are the two side by side.