Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Again!?!?

Well, I thought that everything was done breaking...the computer, the car....oh yeah, and now the computer again...My computer that is.  So, here is a post with no pictures... =(

While I haven't visited the blogs of everybody that participated in the "Where Bloggers Create" Party, the ones that I have looked at so far have certainly been inspiring!  In fact, my hubby has several new projects to work on for my space.  I mean, what will he do without me giving him projects to do?

Right now I have him working on making a design wall.  We'll be using two 4x8 ish sheets of 3/4" insulation board that is covered in flannel and then framed with moulding.  Next he'll be making me a spool rack for all my ribbons...this will be a block with just a bunch of dowel rods sticking out of it.

Of course when I have my computer back and they are done I will post pictures!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Creative Space

It's party time!  Let me show you around my creative space!  If you'd like to see other creative spaces, take a look at the button on the left hand side bar.

These first two pictures are from the entryway of my sewing room.

This is my Viking, my very first sewing machine.  The desk is an old computer desk that my husband cut a hole into to house my sewing machine flush to the top of the desk.
This is a photo of some of my fabric stash.
My Bernina.
This is a shelf system made by my husband.  It holds paints, jars of beads, buttons, and whatnots.  The cabinets below the shelf have lace, threads, and other embellishments sorted by color.
A closer look at the shelf.
Fancy yarns sorted by color in an over the door shoe holder.
More fabric stash.  All of the fabric in these cubes were folded the same way.  Fold in half selvedge to selvedge, then in half again.   I used the widest ruler that I have and wrapped the fabric around the ruler until there was no more to wrap.  I didn't use any of those special boards that have been marketed and it has worked out fantastically.

Thread on the pegboard.  This is one end of my center cabinets.  The central cabinets are 4 double cabinets with 2 drawer units.  The tops were salvaged from old computer desks.

Here is a view facing the entryway.  The bookshelves were also made by my husband.  The wire drawer units hold fat quarters all folded in a way similiar to the larger cuts of fabric.  I also have some wool here and at least one drawer of scraps and a drawer of 100% wool sweaters waiting to be turned into something new.
This is the area where I do my "messy" stuff....painting, dyeing, mod podge, etc.  I have batting storage on top.
These are baskets full of my fancy fabrics, both scrap and yardage.  I also have a couple of color sorted baskets of cotton scraps as well.

This is an inside view of one of my cabinets.  I have projects sorted into shoe boxes for a quilt that is ready to be made.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quilts for Babies

Erin and I made these two quilts for a couple of co-workers whose wives had little girls recently.  We actually made pretty good time because the little ones aren't even one yet! =P

This quilt is called "I Spy Color!".

This quilt is called "Bubbley Toes".  It just reminded me of taking a bath with lots of bubbles...don't ask me why.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lace Dyeing

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been doing a bit of lace dyeing and painting.  It surely is fun experimenting with different mediums.  These are dyed with several different things.  I've used Adirondack alcohol inks, Tsukineko inks, food coloring, and Pebeo paints. 
My favorite of all of these to use is the Adirondack inks.  The bottle has a fine point dropper that makes it easy to apply; also, it's pretty neat to use a blotter pad to blot the ink on the surface.  This gives a mottled type of appearance.  Some of the flowers were done using this method; they're the ones that have more white in them.

Faces, Faces, Faces 2 DYB

I've discovered a new way to upload posts to Blogger; so, not only am I sending this to all of the participants in the Faces, faces, faces 2 DYB at CQI, but I am also posting to my blog at the same time!  How neat is that?!?
The picture is my work on Colleen's block.  I had no idea at all what to do at first, but then it hit me!  Boy, oh boy did I have fun doing the hair!!

Two More Quilts for Quilts for Kids

Erin and I finished and sent off two more quilts for the charity Quilts for Kids.
One of them is an Alice in Wonderland themed quilt called "Imagine"; the other is an airplane theme quilt called "Fly in the Sky".