Saturday, May 8, 2010


Erin (a friend from work) and I have been working on a bunch of quilts over the past few weeks, here is some of our progress.

This first quilt is the first quilt that she has ever made.

These next two quilts are quilts for the charity Quilts for Kids.  These quilts are being made for Quilts for Kids in conjuction with Downy Touch for Comfort.  A neat thing about the Downy website is that you can register the quilter's first name and name of the quilt and then give a short story.  The family that receives the quilt can then add to the story of the quilt if they wish.  "Cruisin' Cars" is the car quilt below.  We have about four more that are in progress for this organization as well.  I must say, I love the pigs!!

My Purse and the Take A Stitch Tuesday

Now that the purse contest on CQI is over, I can post pictures of the purse that I made for a contest on CQI.  I incorporated a couple of the stitches from the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge at Sharon B's blog.

My Computer is Back! Hearts IV RR..

Well, I finally got my computer back, so here are some pictures that were taken when it decided to not be friendly any more.

Here is the work that I did on Carolyn's block for the Hearts IV round robin on CQI.  I loved the colors on her block!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giveaway at Nicki Lee's

Once again, Nicki Lee is wowing people with her creativity!  She is having another fantastic giveaway at her blog.

Here is a photo of the fantastic goodies!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad Things Come in Threes...Right?

Well, I've been busy stitching and quilting the last few weeks.  I've worked on several round robins for Hearts for at CQI.  I've started making a needlebook for myself with one of the blocks that I received with my Christmas Cracker this year.  Erin (a friend from work) and I have been busy stitching away on quilts for Quilts for Kids and a couple of co-workers who just had babies.

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures...which is where the title of this post comes in...
  1. My favorite sewing machine kinda went on the fritz, so that is in the shop.
  2. The mother board on my computer stopped working, so that is in the shop...and the reason why I can't post pictures.
  3. My coffee grinder broke!?!?!?!  I sent an email to the manufacturer, and I think they are ignoring me...I mean I've only had the coffee grinder for a few months; they should send me a new one.
So, those are the three bad things for me.  I hope nothing else that I like is going to go on the fritz.