Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marci's Block

These are pictures of Marci's block. Marci is one of the participants in the FFT #6 round robin that is being done with the CQ International Yahoo group.

This picture (above) shows an addition of pistils in the preprinted flower fabric. Let me just say that those flowers called for that. The stitches are an elongated french knot.

The above photo shows a seam treatment and two butterflies. The seam treatment is done with silk ribbon (4mm) leaves and purple french knots for the flower bunches. The butterflies are done with silk ribbon wings and body. One butterfly has french knots on the wings, while the other has fly stitching done on the wings.

This photo (above) shows buttons with flowers stitched on them. They are done with straight stitch leaves and stems and 11/0 seed beads for the flowers.

The photo above shows another seam treatment. This particular one has a herringbone stitch in yellow with purple french knots below. The flowers are done with a long straight stitch for the stem and silk ribbon and 11/0 seed beads for the flowers.

This is a yo-yo flower with 13mm silk ribbon leaves.

And, above is a picture of the whole block!

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Looks great Juli! Marci will be sure to love what you have done!