Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not so Plain Jane

In the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, I was inspired by the dolls created by Nola Hart. She had a basic body pattern in the issue, so I decided to make an attempt at my second art doll. (The first one was never

What came of it is: Not so Plain Jane.
She started out as a piece of plain old natural muslin. I started out with a purple metalic followed by a lime green fabric paint by Pebeo (setacolor). Her "shoes" are black setacolor and her "stockings" are a green acrylic. Jane's hair is silk throwster by Stef Francis (which I still don't know if it is attached well.). Her clothes are various scraps of ribbon, brocade-ish type, and silk fabrics.
A close-up of her head:

My husband thinks that I am some kind of lunatic for making this, but I enjoyed myself. So, that is all that counts!
But, what in the heck do you do with the dolls that you make? I'm not really a nick-nacky type of person, so it seems strange to me to just have it sitting out on a shelf or something.

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Jenny said...

I just bought that issue and recognize the doll you made! I was wanting to try painting a doll like some further in the issue. Generally when I sew something, one of my kids wants to claim it. Otherwise, I tend to sew with someone in mind. You could even use handcrafted items for a blog giveaway!