Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Again!?!?

Well, I thought that everything was done breaking...the computer, the car....oh yeah, and now the computer again...My computer that is.  So, here is a post with no pictures... =(

While I haven't visited the blogs of everybody that participated in the "Where Bloggers Create" Party, the ones that I have looked at so far have certainly been inspiring!  In fact, my hubby has several new projects to work on for my space.  I mean, what will he do without me giving him projects to do?

Right now I have him working on making a design wall.  We'll be using two 4x8 ish sheets of 3/4" insulation board that is covered in flannel and then framed with moulding.  Next he'll be making me a spool rack for all my ribbons...this will be a block with just a bunch of dowel rods sticking out of it.

Of course when I have my computer back and they are done I will post pictures!

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Creative Grammie said...

Hi Juli; Isn't just the pits when things breakdown? It usually seems to happen when we're using the darn thing at a crucial time. I remember my computer went blank about 6 months after I got it, didn't back up anything as I was still loading and learning. The one thing I learned? Don't use this brand anymore, go with HP, I love my husband's laptop way better.
I can't wait to see all the finished projects your hubby will do for you. It's funny, I just put in an order for a ribbon rack too; mine will be mounted on the wall. I don't have anymore surface space, but for a tiny area near where I sit to sew. You're lucky to have such a huge design wall. Mine is only about 52" square; slightly covered by the door when it's opened.
Have a great weekend!