Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polymer Clay Faces

Well, I figured I might as well try my hand at another craft! Just what I need to do, lol! At any rate, I've tried my hand at making polymer clay faces. Of course, these are going to be used to embellish crazy quilt squares. The top threeish rows I brushed with PearlX pigments prior to baking and then glazed with a glossy glaze. The bottomish rows I baked, painted with acrylic paints, brushed with PearlX pigment, then glazed with a satin finish. I used Sculpy clay to make all of these and had no problems what so ever.
I think I like the top threeish rows the best. Some of the other faces look like women with too much make-up on. Perhaps they will look better with hair or beads or something.


Thelma said...

I really like the ones that you placed the beads in for their eyes. All of them are nice, you will have lots of fun playing with these little faces. Do you just bake them in your oven or do you have to have something special to bake them in?

gocrazywithme said...

Very nice, Juli! I love the pearly faces; they would make lovely moons or suns.

Yoyo said...

Just popping in to welcome you to the Totally Useless SAL. We post our Totally Useless Container at the NEW Moon, hoping so see some nice goodies in your jar.

Love your "faces". I think I like to toppish rows better as well, which is not to say the others can't be dressed up a bit. I just bought some FIMO to play with, but have not got to do it yet.