Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nancy's CQ Block

Here are some pictures of the additions that I made to Nancy's block for the FFT#6 round robin on CQI. Below are two pictures of the block as a whole. Many talented individuals have worked on this so far!!

In this next picture, I added a vine of pink and purple flowers using lazy daisy and cast on stitch. I used Edar Boucle threads for the flowers. I also did two seam treatments. One of them has yellow french knot silk ribbon flowers with leaves and the other is the salmon herringbone with blue cast on stitches.

I also added a "seam" of crochet.

Here is a picture with a basket of flowers. I believe that these were done using french knots, but since I waited so long to post about it, I have!

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MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Juli!
I really like all the work you have done. I especially love the crochet bit! Very clever!
I really like this block. I enjoyed working on it so much, the colors are very fun. I hope Nancy likes it!
Thanks for the photos!