Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

Over at WWCQ, we are going to have a year long RR with wedges for a Christmas Tree Skirt. These are big wedges; 24" in length and 18.5" at the largest width. So, as you can imagine, each of the wedges will probably take a bit longer to embellish than your average RR block.

Here are the wedges that I made:

I pieced these using the same technique as I did for the purple blocks that I posted about, Martha Green's method. I really do find that this is a great way to make a dent in my cotton fabric scrap bin; these wedges are entirely out of scrap fabric! What's really funny about the process is that I made so many units, that I probably have enough for two more tree!


gocrazywithme said...

Great wedges, Juli! Love the colors.

Wilma said...

It is looking great already without the embellishing